I often get asked, how different will my site look after you have customised it?
…will it be my brand …what difference will different fonts and pictures make?
So here are a few examples of a chosen design and the finished result.

DESIGN - Artist

Charlotte Stanworth Art

Totally changed the feel of this by removing some of the darker sections and incorporating original artwork for the images.  VISIT SITE

Jaybird Art

We stayed pretty true to the design on this one, but the site has now evolved over several iterations of design and incorporated online sales and other features. VISIT SITE

DESIGN - Contemporary

Bluebell Naming Ceremonies

Stunning trasformation including in house logo design for Bluebell Naming Ceremonies, all images provided by Mulberry Design to complete the branding. VISIT SITE

Willow Edge Accounting

Lovely fresh palette on this design, with great visuals selected for the client and minimal logo design. VISIT SITE

DESIGN - BusinesS

Lauren Duncan

It’s amazing how the choice of image can change the tone of a site completely.  Logo and image selection all contributed to the warm feel of this site.  It’s since been through several more iterations of design and new images as the client’s business evolves.

Tessiant Consulting

A corporate feel to this one, with the client providing the logo and images and fonts seleted by Mulberry Design to reflect the brand, using the logo colours for the palette.