Content Checklist


Your website will have 4/6/8 pages depending on what you have purchased and you will need to write the content for each one in a single or multiple documents.

  1. For example home/about/services/contact
  2. You can have any page title so reference these clearly
  3. Don’t forget to include the location of your business, this is vital for any sort of search engine optimisation
  4. Contact details that will be used on the website e.g. phone number and email address
  5. If you need additional pages no problem, include these and I will add them to a timesheet.



If you have your own photography that is great – we also have our in house photographer Annie if you’d like to book a photoshoot.  If you are using your own photographer you can find a list of the kind of images that are useful here in my photo checklist.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any photos, I can provide some for you.  As well as photography you might want to also supply some of the following images.


  1. Blog or news story images
  2. Logo files
  3. Partner/sponsor/accreditation logo files


Please make a note of all your links in a document:


  1. Social media links
  2. External links e.g. donations and petitions
  3. Video links e.g. YouTube & Vimeo
  4. Affiliates & partners
  5. Accreditations & professional bodies
  6. Sales funnels or landing pages
  7. Booking systems e.g. Calendly, Acuity etc


If there is any other detail you would like to share with me please jot it all down and upload it, the more information I have the better e.g.


  1. If you have testimonials please add these to the Dropbox
  2. If you have a preferred set of colours you would like me to use make a note of these in your document
  3. Call to action – what is yours, what do you want people to do after they visit your site, book a call, sign up for a freebie?

    Upload all of this to your online folder which you can find in your project hub.