Contemporary WordPress Web Design
For Female Business Owners

Are you ready to let your business personality shine?

You know you need a better website
You are worried it will cost a fortune and be a nightmare to sort out.

I’d love to make that process easier for you.

Welcome To My World

Hi, I’m Sarah Sarkies, aka ‘The Website Lady’ as I am often referred to in my networks.
I work with micro business owners, building affordable WordPress websites with a contemporary flair.
My sites are built to last, you will never need another one.  This one will grow with you, and you will have all the support and training you need to make sure you know how to use it and change it yourself.
I am passionate about 3 things…
Great work, fantastic client relationships and having fun together in our business journey.

Making professional web design affordable and fun!

Mulberry Box websites make professional design affordable and the process simpler, you pay for only what you need, and get expert training to help you manage the site yourself.

I meet too many incredible business owners with web sites that don’t reflect their incredible service or product.

Often they have struggled to put something together themselves, or had someone help that didn’t have the right experience or been ripped off by some idiot charging a fortune for very little.

It’s time to change that.

I know that for most of you affordability is the main barrier to accessing a professional website, and the whole process seems confusing and frustrating.

Web design can be costly for a few reasons; good design takes time and experience, collaboration and design amendments can really eat into your budget fast. 

As an experienced designer and WordPress expert, Mulberry Box was a side project I started because I wanted to help start ups and micro business owners with a professional site at an affordable cost that they could use to skyrocket their sales and get a return on their investment quickly.


How It Works!

Mulberry Box websites are proffesional, affordable and easy to manage.  They have a fixed cost and are adaptable so they can grow with your business.

You pick a design you like from my portfolio, and the package to suit your budget.  There are no hidden costs, just honest up front pricing and great work.

Dance school website design


You select the design you love and by keeping design and amendment time to a minimum, you get a professional site at fraction of the cost of a bespoke project. Payment plans are available on all packages.


Beautiful contemporary designs which are really easy for small business owners to manage themselves, with training and support from a WordPress expert.  We work in partnership together to get you the best result.


Every site is delivered as a complete package with hosting, domain name, email address and even a simple logo if you need one to get you started.  You get full site access as well as any images, logos and icons I create for you.


There are lots of styles to choose from, which can be adapted to suit any business or service with changes to the images, colours fonts and content.  You have design time included in every package so we can amend your final website together.

What is your business personality?

When a potential customer visits your website it takes 0.05 of a second to form a first impression.  That is less than a blink of an eye.

I know I don’t need to tell you the power of personality in business, it is the super power of every small business owner.

Why not make yours shine by selecting a website that makes you stand out from the crowd and make a statement about your professionalism, ethos and outstanding service or product?


Sarah Sarkies

With almost 30 years of design experience you are in good hands. I bring a wealth of experience to all my projects, and provide a friendly face and jargon free approach to WordPress and web design.

I started Mulberry Design almost 10 years ago, to bring my experience to small business owners and be part of their business journey, something I get a lot of joy from.

I have never looked back.


What My Customers Say

Brian Lawler

Everyone needs a web designer like Sarah. She is knowledgeable, creative and easy to work with. I’d been following Sarah on LinkedIn for some time & really liked the work she had done, but above that I really connected to her authenticity which is why I reached out to her.

Emily Dolton

Working with Sarah on my website was a real joy.  The process of Sarah building my website was straightforward, quick and exactly what I needed.  Sarah is a great blend of being great fun, bright and breezy and a pleasure to work with – and also absolutely brilliant at what she does.

Eco For All

As a new business owner, the idea of creating my website was pretty overwhelming. Not only was I unsure where to start, I really didn’t know if it was affordable. Fortunately, I met Sarah. Her vision and creativity make her stand out from the crowd. I cannot recommend her highly enough.