Good photography can make a big difference in how your potential clients will perceive your business, and your level of professionalism. If you are a small business owner and are using images of people on your website who aren’t you or your client, have a think about what this says about your business. Having amazing images that represent your brand is so important and really makes your site stand out from the crowd.

My extended team including photographer Annie Johnston can provide photography for clients in Warwickshire, as well as other photographers UK wide.

The Right Size Of Image!

For a website we need lots of ‘landscape’ sized images, the advantage of this is that they can be used full width for desktop and cropped to a variety of other sizes including images which will work better on mobile.

Images taken in ‘portrait’ style are really lovely for your headshot and about page but have limited use everywhere else.

A photoshoot for web imagery is very different from having a photoshoot for portrait photography so commuincate with your photographer on the essential nature of these wider images.

My Image Wishlist Summary

In an ideal scenario I would have all of these images to work with

  • Headshots, in a variety of portrait/landscape format
  • Wider shots for use as full width images
  • Close and wide cropped casual images of you in work mode
  • Images of you speaking or talking to someone else
  • Different angles and poses, casual and formal
  • Full width images with you on left or right
  • A variety of outfits, or if you have a jacket, some with and some without
  • Shots with props or branded images, useful as backgrounds etc
  • Images that will work on long thin banners
Image Variety

Have a variety of images taken for maximum return on your investment

  • Go beyond the traditional headshot
  • Candid photos can work really well and still look professional
  • Include individual head shots as well as grouped shots
  • Images that can be used on banners are essential for a website
  • Images that work well when closely cropped into circles or squares are great
  • Have some shots taken with you as the focus with a lot of other detail in the image so they can be cropped for use as thinner banners
  • Images that are going to work well on the phone are essential, so nice close groupings are needed
Don't Always Be In The Middle

I will often use images in banners that have some text overlayed either on the left or right, so it’s really important that we have images where you are on the left or right and not always in the middle, so I have somewhere to add the text and not obscure your face and body!

Have your photographer take images of you in a variety of compositions so we have choices on text overlays.

  • Pick a place with an interesting background
  • Consider outdoors and indoors, it doesn’t all need to be ‘at the desk’
  • Working from home images can look fantastic as well as parks and cafe’s
Bring A Buddy!
  • Rope your friends in if necessary
  • It doesn’t have to be formal
  • Other people/places out of focus in the background can work really well
  • Have a few action shots, of you talking to others, presenting or whatever fits best with your business
  • In a group shots vary the composition so that you have a good selection to choose from
  • Another person to talk to can really help with more natural shots
What To Wear
  • Wear clothing that fits in with your brand, select things that tone well with your colour palette
  • Don’t be afraid to wear colour and pattern, it can really lift a shot
  • If you can change or amend your outfit this can give a wider variety of images
Mugs, books & other props
  • Use props, think about your typical day, whether that’s your laptop, notebook or favourite mug
  • Choose flowers and other decorations that fit your brand and its colours